Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pumpkin Carving with Marksville

Originally written by me on a past blog October 30, 2012

Marksville got ready for Pumpkin Carving on Sunday Night.

Dennise noticed these really festive pages in the Sunday paper so she took them all out and laid them on top of the papers she already put down. What a great idea.

In some of the pictures you will notice a half white and half orange wall, the white wall was where the tiles use to be that kept falling apart so Dennis took them down and is working on getting the wall ready for new paint.

The pumpkins are all set up and the kids are starting to Rally around the table.

 Dorothy cleaning out pumpkin #1, which she got from the field trip she went on with her classroom.

 Love the looks on their faces while they are cleaning them out.

 This is her finnished product.

Dennis helping with Pumpkin #2. 

 Up to her elbows in this one.

 She said she wanted a bat so Daddy helped her out. 

Deanna and Dennise working on their pumpkins.

 Deanna loving the family time.

 Deanna's finnished pumpkin, with the heart eyes, and fangs. 

Paul, Samantha, and Lilly.

 Paul helping to draw the fire on Samantha's Pumpkin. Will make sure there is a Pumpkin for Paul next year.

Samantha's pumpkin.  

Lilly's turn.  
 Samantha totally didn't like cleaning the pumpkins out but Lilly was sure enjoying herself. She was even laughing.

 Lilly's pumpkin which I think looks like Jack the Pumpkin King from Nightmare before Chistmas. 

 Dennise was having a rough time deciding on what she wanted to make. She just wasn't happy.

 Then she got an idea. 

 Which turned into this, which I think is awesome.

 Dennis was working so hard helping others with their tops, that he didn't get to his until today.

 As you can see....

 it was worth it to see his Goblin.

 Last but not least is mine.

 I think it is kind of cute, and everyone loved my eyes.

 I kept making all of these funny faces while making this, and the kids kept laughing. 

I hope you all enjoyed Pumpkin Carving with Marksville. Below is a picture of everyone's except for my husband's which I will add when we light them tomorrow night, as his was not ready when we did the first Pumpkin line up. Next year I would love if Buke and Taylor could join in so we have the whole family together.

 Happy Halloween from Marksville to all of my friends and family.
Remember me saying all I was missing was Buke and Taylor? Well...

Here is Buke and Taylor with their pumpkins and furbabies.
There is my Gorgo on their lap and if you look in the window you will see my Sable they are my two grand- furbabies.

Arts and Crafts in Marksville.

Originally written by me on a past blog of mine December 30, 2012 

As I said when we got home yesterday from dropping Samantha off, we had a extra child spending the night. We always do different things when the kids have friends over but last night they got into making these huge handing stars or snowflakes.
Here is Deanna and her friend working on making these big snowflakes. I had to kick them off of the desk and send them to the kitchen because Dennis wanted his desk back.

Thankfully there was no school because they were up quite late doing this project.

Here the girls are with their first project.

Then they wanted to make more but with colors. So they made a orange and white one for Dennise. Dennise will love adding this to her room decor.

Then they got out even more and made some for themselves. By the way Marksville needs more construction paper before Valentines Day now.

When you visit Marksville you are sure to find lots of cooking, baking, crafts, music, games, parties, laughter and lots of excitement. I am glad that my children have fun with their friends when they come over. I know they are safe and I get to know the children they hang out with.
Hope you enjoyed Arts & Crafts with Marksville. If you would like to see the directions for these you can look me up on Pinterest and it will be under my Crafts for Kids Board.