Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Picking Pumpkins with Marksville

Originally written October 21, 2012

Last weekend we were able to go out and pick up our pumpkins. We look forward to the years we can afford to do this extra outing. Last year we didn’t do the outing, but we did get pumpkins from Walmart to carve. This year we did the whole trip right down to donuts, and cider. Dennise had the camera most of the time so what I have is what we have. I did take over to get a picture of the girls though. Hope you enjoy. 

Deanna is so excited we are at the pumpkin farm.


Lilly sitting pretty on the pumpkins.

It was a bit cold out and she was more interested in the shadows on the ground then looking up at Grandma.


Lilly found her pumpkin. I told Samantha she could pick out a bigger one, but she said she wanted her to have one she could carry.

Samantha giving the girls a ride while Papa is taking forever to pick out his pumpkin.

Two carts one for the girls and one for the pumpkins. I think in this picture Deanna is picking out her pumpkin.

Deanna gettin hot so the coat is coming off.


Here are my girls.

Here are my girls making their pumpkin faces.


Dennis and looking through the gourds.

Dennise taking pictures of the gourds.


Time to pick out the Honey. Need to make another trip back and get some more.

Lilly and Samantha waiting for me to pay for everything.


Here we are all ready to leave with our pumpkins to carve which comes next week. I hope you enjoyed this post and will stop back next week for the carving pumpkins with Marksville.

Do you carve, paint, or decorate pumpkins for Halloween?

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