Saturday, March 30, 2013

Decorating Eggs with Marksville

We haven't really decorated eggs all that much with the kids over the years. Not that I haven't had ideas, it is just we have gone more for the celebrating together on Easter day. I realized that even though it can get messy, they are fun to do. The girls had a blast. We went with marbleizing the eggs this year.

If you haven't heard about it you can do the same with either plain eggs, or lightly dyed eggs. Even though some of our eggs were on the darker side you can still see that the marbleizing went well. My kids still like to draw with white crayons so you can see what those kind of eggs looked like after marbleizing too.

So what you do is take your white eggs, or lightly dyed eggs making sure they are dry.
We took our dyed water from dying them the first time and just added more food coloring to the bowls to do the marbleizing. The trick is making sure that you only have about a half inch of dye in the bowl, and then you put in a tablespoon of cooking oil. Then you stir the oil, roll the eggs once through the mixture and then pat dry with a paper towel. We did a few with different colors of the marbleizing liquid and they came out really well too.

Here you can see Dorothy's and Deanna's before marbleizing, sorry about no faces we were having so much fun we had to stop to get the camera and Dennise ended up taking the pictures.

Here they are after marbleizing. The kids ended up eating 3 before they were done with them.

Dennise also made a Golden Egg but can't remember what colors she used to make it. This one she didn't marbleize.

That is all for this year. I noticed I didn't put up my post with the homemade baskets I did last year for the girls, but maybe next year if I get inspired to make our own again. I was cheap and bought the 1.00 baskets this year. I hope you enjoyed decorating eggs with our family. 

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